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The Sommerlab at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen is fortunate to be located at one of the centers-of-excellence in German and European biological research. Our current team consists of molecular biologists, developmental geneticists, neurobiologists, zoologists, ecologists, population geneticists, bioinformaticians and chemists. Our lab members come from more than a dozen countries and provide a diversity of cultures and lifestyles.

We welcome applications from scientists with many different backgrounds, fitting into our integrative research philosophy in evolutionary and developmental biology and ecology. We aim for scientists that like to interact and discuss their research and share ideas among colleagues with different backgrounds.

We seek scientists at all different ranks:


We highly welcome applications of enthusiastic postdoc candidates that want to perform independent research in any area of modern biology studying the nematode Pristionchus pacificus. We give preference to candidates interested in fundamental questions of biology, as outlined in the cover letter of the application.

Graduate Students

Graduate students often work in our main research areas covering:

  1. Developmental plasticity and mouth form control in Pristionchus pacificus: Genetics, molecular biology and genomics.
  2. The biochemistry of nematode sulfatases.

Student candidates interested in any of these 2 or any other research area in fundamental biology are always welcome.

Open position: PhD position in the Research Group "Parasitic nemotodes"


Master Students

We are always seeking master students that grow their work into independent research projects in any of the areas covered by the lab. Note that the University of Tübingen, as any other German University, is bound to the Bologna treaty.

If you like to apply, please send cover letter and CV to ralf.sommer[at]